Company Culture

Talent Philosophy
On one hand, 123 advocates the company spirit of work ethics, credibility, teamwork and innovation. On the other hand, it pays important attention to qualification and morality of its staffs. At the same time, it requires its staffs to be responsible, ambitious, capable and associable. Also, 123 provides excellent work environment and development opportunity for its staffs. The talent philosophy of 123 is to attract talents with culture, to inspire talents with good payment, to keep talent with good management and to cultivate talents with career. To develop together with its staffs, 123 endeavors to become an outstanding company in the world. 

Talent Strategy
Excellent talents are fundamental to achieve the company goal. Also, they are motivity for continuous development of a company. Based on scientific talent training method, efficient encouragement system, fair competition chance and broad development room, 123 makes every staff realize their self-value and career plan. 

Employment Philosophy
To make people have their best performance with efficient management.